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My network: everyone's stuff

Ray Smyth, Editor of Network Computing, considers some of the challenges of industrial-scale networking

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Opening the Honeypot

Dr David Chismon of MWR InfoSecurity explains how to turn the security tables, allowing the hunted to become the hunter

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Exciting times for the network manager

David Belson, editor of Akamai's quarterly State of the Internet report, highlights some key findings currently affecting network managers

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Third edition of Wick Hill Guardian available now

Publication helps IT security managers understand current security issues

Managed failovers set to overtake traditional Disaster Recover testing by 2018

Adoption of managed cloud disaster recovery services will continue to grow in 2015

What’s in store for 2015?

Rob Commins, VP of marketing at Tegile, gives us five storage predictions for 2015


The WD Sentinel DS6100 Windows Server from WD

The DS6100 meets the challenge of server cost and technical complexity for smaller organisations head on

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Data recovery: where do you start?

Where do you start with data recovery? Russel Ridgley, head of cloud services at Pulsant, offers some advice

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Navigating GRC: do not pass Go...

Stephen Midgley of Absolute Software offers an approach to handling Governance, Risk Management and Compliance obligations

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The Third Network

Chris Purdy, CTO at CENX outlines a network that does the thinking for you…

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Network Computing Awards 2015 – nominate your finalists now

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Network Computing Awards. A new addition to this year’s categories is the Return on Investment Award, which recognises technology that is making a really positive financial impact on the organisations which use it.

Nominations will close on 16th January and will then be counted to determine the finalists. You are invited to make you nominations Here


Welcome to the December 2014 Newsletter.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” wasn’t a Sony production but the company is certainly in the middle of one just now. This time last year the Sony PS4 was the must-have Christmas gift for gamers and represented a significant upturn in the company’s fortunes. Fast forward 12 months and, while the PS4 is still winning the next gen console war, Sony is losing a significant security battle - the ramifications of which could be huge.

The PlayStation Network (PSN) has once again been hit by a DDoS attack from the hacking group known as Lizard Squad - which also claimed responsibility for downing the online PlayStation Store earlier this month - and yet these are far from the Japanese giant’s only security woes. The ongoing leak of, well, seemingly all of Sony’s confidential materials following the “Guardians of Peace” hack shows no signs of being staunched at the time of writing. Fresh details are being released online daily, with the threat of a “Christmas gift” yet to come from the hackers that could prove even more damaging.

The stolen materials released online to date range from relatively innocuous, if highly embarrassing, internal emails to thousands of social security numbers - and the revelation that the company kept a list of passwords in an unsecured folder called “Passwords.” As Lancope CTO, TK Keanini points out, “The fact that Sony had thousands of passwords in a folder called Password is not the problem, the problem is that they were not properly encrypted!”

And yet frustratingly this is far from Sony’s first major security failure. In 2011 the details of over 70 million customers were stolen, leading to a £250,000 fine from the Information Commissioner's Office - but not, it would seem, to a significant increase in the company’s security measures. So if you’ve hoping for a PS4 under the tree this Christmas (and it is a great bit of kit!) then here's wishing you a DDoS-free Christmas and a hack-free New Year!

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