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However innovative a Network based IT solution is, it is pointless unless it meets the requirements of an organisation, private, public or charity. Those of us from the industry can forget this important fact, so this award is the chance to hear the Customer voice. Nomination can be based upon a product, a solution, a professional services engagement, or any combination of these provided by a vendor in the Networking and IT sector who is trading at the time of nomination, While a vendor can make the nomination, the customer must provide their permission to be referenced in the nomination and at the time of nomination, an active user of the nominated product, solution or service.Nominations can be made by emailing 600 words that outlines the solution that the customer uses, the benefits they derive and a clear reason for nomination. Email to ray.smyth@btc.co.uk

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – Best deployment or solution

This bourgeoning area is advancing fast and yet, it is still very much in its infancy. Unlike many technologies, AI and Machine Learning (ML) are rarely implemented as a standalone technology, rather, they form part of a well-engineered and tailored solution to provided organisations assistance around their data processing, understanding and operational goals.
Nominations can be made by emailing 600 words that outlines the solution and provides the reason for its nomination. Email to ray.smyth@btc.co.uk


There is much more to a strong cyber security posture than selecting the best solutions available. There are tricky problems to solve and creativityreally is key to winning this battle. We hope to uncover some major achievements and there is no limit to what can be nominated as long as it is essentially a clear case of vendor led activity design, patent, deployment, breach response, solution adaptation, etc. Nominations can be made by emailing 600 words that outlines the achievement, the problem it addressed, if possible a customer quote and real-world benefits provided with a clear reason for nomination. Email to ray.smyth@btc.co.uk


Advancement of technology, over a relatively short period of time has been outstanding, but this is not the end of the story: in fact it is just the beginning.
One of the biggest changes I have observed during my career in IT and Networking, is the movement away from a solution - a point solution - that is designed to perform a specific task, to a more flexible integrated approach, one where the problem being addressed is tackled with a new pair of eyes and using a different, innovative perspective around an unbelievably powerful selection of technology building blocks, including software, hardware, people, research and especially necessity. Spectacular outcomes can be achieved using hardware, software, a combination of the two organised around a huge range of other critically important variables.
It has been my exposure to unresolved problems and the attempts to innovate that inspired me to create this new Network Computing Award.
Innovation can be found in many forms, for example in the design and implementation of a product, the application of a product to resolve a problem or to create an ability that translates to unique business or operational advantage, the work, training or endeavours of people working vendor side or on the IT and Networking frontline, or a combination of these and many other components of what can genuinely be described as unique, powerful, game changing innovation.
Nomination: an organisation can nominate itself by emailing their submission to ray.smyth@btc.co.uk. The person nominating must be a Director or C-level executive of the organisation and be authorised to do so.
Submission: to nominate, a summary of no more than 600 words, describing the Innovation in as much detail as possible, using a Word compatible document format.
Judging: will be carried out, based on initial submission and follow up questions, if required. The winning submission will be published in a future edition of the magazine and the nominating organisation agrees to provide an accompanying image and logo for this purpose.


To enter a project please send a case study to dave.bonner@btc.co.uk


To enter a project please send a case study to dave.bonner@btc.co.uk

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