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EverDesk Google Edition 5.1
There is undoubtedly a wide choice of email clients available, but none of them can offer the functionality of EverDesk.
Network Configuration Manager 7.2...
Network security best practises demand that critical devices are protected by using a sound configuration management strategy
EndaceFlow 3040 from Emulex
Enterprises now rely heavily on NetFlow data for their essential network analysis. However, as speeds increase to 10-Gigabit...
Bandwidth Analyzer Pack from SolarWinds
SolarWinds offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of network monitoring solutions, and its latest Bandwidth Analyzer..
Barracuda Backup Appliance 390
No right-thinking business would intentionally avoid their data backup obligations, but the management overheads...
The future and you
Ray Smyth, editor of Network Computing and Business Technology mentor considers the shape of things to come - and the challenges that may exist.
Blending security
Louise T. Dunne, Managing Director of Auriga explains how Business process modelling can be used as the missing ingredient to inform...
The Infosec imperative: squaring the circle
With the season of IT shows upon us, Network Computing Editor and Business Technology Mentor Ray Smyth...
The big data network
Karl Jackson, Technology Officer at Prodec Networks share his thoughts on planning network security...
Infosecurity Europe - 2014
It's that time of the year again, and with the rate of cyber-attacks growing and the post Snowden effect taking hold...
When Network operations meet security
As threat vectors evolve there is an increasing crossover of responsibilities between network operations and network security.
Infrastructure insight
Bryn Jones of CommScope explains why active infrastructure management in the data centre can help with management..
The dynamics of the data centre
Matt Lovell, CTO of Pulsant, explains what is at the heart of keeping the data centre effective and efficient
Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers. Click here to download the White Paper
Solving the ADC Market Share Riddle: Why Citrix NetScaler is Winning the Data Center. Click here to download the White Paper
NetScaler White Paper: A foundation for next-generation datacenter security. Click here to download the White Paper
Deliver Enterprise Mobility with Citrix XenMobile and Citrix NetScale. Click here to download the White Paper
The Active Advantage: Why Networking Leaders are Embracing ADC Clustering. Click here to download the White Paper
Securing virtual desktop infrastructure
NetScaler provides a robust set of easily deployed network-layer security, application-layer security and advanced.. Click here to download the White Paper
In a state of denial?
The past few years have seen a marked resurgence of denial of service (DoS) attacks. Not only is this availability-threatening.. Click here to download the White Paper
A question of authenticity
Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of personal and company data that is available to government authorities..
Is NASA's data lost in space?
A recent report has revealed that itís not just the cloud over Cape Canaveral thatís been troubling NASA of late, writes Campbell Williams..
Capita acquires Updata
Capita plc has acquired IT network services provider Updata Infrastructure (UK) Limited for a cash consideration of £80m on a cash free, debt free basis.
Pluribus Networks expands to Europe
Pluribus Networks is entering the EMEA market weeks after launching the Pluribus Freedom solution in the U.S
A winning night for networking
The results for the 2014 Network Computing Awards were revealed at an evening ceremony on Thursday 13th March. The ceremony took place at the Hotel Russell...
Alcatel-Lucent technology enables Sussex NHS...
Enterprise WLAN solution to deliver an end-to-end Wi-Fi solution across hundreds of NHS sites within Sussex
Backbone Solutions AG launches SecureRack...
New Infrastructure as a Service offerings provides a highly secure virtual data centre based in Switzerland
Newly announced Alan Turing Institute is...
Budget announcement of £42 million investment in big data and algorithm research is backed by KPMG
Data Integration launches Managed Network...
Data Integration has launched two managed service offerings, both designed to take away the pain of managing IT internally
The data centre as a Service
Darren Watkins of Virtus explains why not all data centres are the same - and why the customer knows best

Monitoring the endpoints: winning the IT.....
By Poul Nielsen, director of strategy, Nexthink..

The Holy Grail - BYOD, COPE or CYOD
Alessandro Porro, VP of international sales, Ipswitch, on choosing the right enterprise mobility strategy for your business.
Quality Big Data
Many data searches are unable to include unstructured data, missing out on the chance to add real business value...
Hybrid IT and the Service Desk
You may think the service desk has been in slumber but Jon Temple, CEO of FrontRange says it's time to stop playing catch-up...
Security begins at home
You may have heard the mainstream media reports of advice recently issued by Europol warning that people should not send sensitive information...
Don't fall into the network abyss
There is still a gap and it needs to change. Dependence has increased to addictive, even survival levels and yet, there is still a gap..
Wire data analysis proves a sure thing for..
With help from ExtraHop, bet365 is using innovative wire data analysis to improve application delivery, network performance..
Networking on an Olympian scale
Avaya raises the network bar at the Sochi Winter Games